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Murals In La Jolla, Pacific Beach & Downtown

Do you want to go on an adventure and check out some rad artwork that I have created around San Diego County?

There are plenty of fun Instagram murals and street art that will inspire you to get outside and check out this amazing city. Maybe hop on your bike, pack a picnic and bring your camera to find all of the cool artwork that I’ve added to our streets over the past few years.

Let me take you on a tour of some colorful street art in La Jolla and Pacific Beach. Most of the PB murals are located within a few blocks of each other and steps from Crystal Pier, so you could take a walking tour and then hit the beach.

La Jolla Murals

Quarantine Dreams mural on the corner of the Fresheria building

Quarantine Dreams

I painted the Quarantine Dreams mural on the corner of the Fresheria building at 627 Pearl Street, in April, 2020 as a donation to the San Diego community. I wanted to show the shared loss that all of us feel as a society.

We are all so different, but don’t we all miss the same things during quarantine? Travel, parties, holding hands and spending time outside.


On your way out of La Jolla, check out the Windansea Mural located at The Shoal Hotel at 6750 La Jolla Blvd. Its a dreamy blue wave mural tucked in right above the hotel pool.

While you’re in the area, head one block West and hang out at the famous palapa at Windansea Beach.

Hannas Murals WindanSea Hotel

Pacific Beach Murals

Hold on tight ‘cause there is LOTS to look at in PB. So much street art. So many photo spots. Such great people watching.

Two of the murals are right next to each other. The black and white floral mural is located on the La Clochette du Coin Bakery building located at 4680 Cass St.

I love how the geometric lines and the smooth design of the flowers complement each other.

The Pray for Tacos mural is about a block away next to the Post Office on the back of Isabel’s Cantina at 966 Felspar.  This is a great spot in San Diego for Taco Tuesday.

pray for tacos mural

Next up, walk over a few blocks to Biggie’s Burgers located at 4631 Mission Blvd. and check out the massive hamburger mural and the super detailed cartoon wall of Pacific Beach. There are all kinds of local legends on there, including Slomo and Crystal Pier. While you’re there, grab a tasty burger and enjoy the people watching.

Then head over to Kono’s coffee cart two blocks away on the boardwalk at 704 Garnet Ave. Drink a coffee, watch the surfers and check out my surf mural.

Biggie’s Burgers mural
Kono’s coffee cart mural

On your way out of PB, stop by my big purple owl on the side of Nite Owl Cocktail Lounge. This is a San Diego classic that has been around since 1962. The faux neon sign and dreamy galaxy painting are easy to spot as you sit waiting at arguably the worst traffic light in San Diego at Garnet and Mission Bay Drive.

night owl cocktail lounge mural

San Diego County Murals

I have a few other instagram spots around town. There is the Super Mario Brothers mural located at Bad Hombres Taco Shop in Santee at 8918 Carlton Hills, and the Mexican themed Salud Mural at Chiquita’s at 4110 Home Avenue just East of Downtown San Diego.

Bad Hombres Taco Shop

Finally, finish your mural tour in North Park at 4224 Ohio Street at my tallest mural to date. It’s 5 stories tall and it’s pretty darn colorful. There are actually two murals and each one has a hidden word in it. One word is right side up and the other one is upside down. Good luck figuring it out!

North Park at 4224 Ohio Street at my tallest mural
North Park mural

Then grab a beer at the Belching Beaver at 4223 30th Street. I painted their logo which is right next to the awesome Greetings from San Diego Mural.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of my San Diego Murals. All of the street art in our city makes our neighborhoods so much more inviting and exciting. I’ve been a muralist in the San Diego area for 16 years, and I feel so lucky that I get to add so many hand-painted murals to our streets.

Be sure to check out my other work, Decorative Murals, Children’s Murals, School Murals, and more.

If you’d more information on me or my work, please reach out.

Belching Beaver
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