Hannas Murals Painting Top Banner
Hannas Murals Painting Top Banner

“I’ve never hired a muralist before. How much is this going to cost?”

This is probably the most common question that I get asked and the most difficult to answer.  I can tell you that all of my pricing is on a project by project basis. I estimate how many days the mural will take and then I will present you with a proposal which will include the cost of painting the mural and all additional supplies.

I don’t offer a price per square foot because the price is dependent on the detail of each square foot. Clearly, painting a blue background doesn’t cost as much as painting a hyper-realistic animal or person.

There are a few major factors that affect the price of a mural:

Hannas Murals Pricing -Complexity

How detailed will the mural be? If there are a lot of faces or intricate designs, this requires much more time and will be priced accordingly.

Hannas Murals Pricing - Size

How large is the wall? This is the clearest factor when calculating cost. A larger wall just takes more time to paint.

Hannas Murals Pricing - Access

How easy is it to access the wall? Is it 50 feet tall? Is there a planter or uneven ground in front of the wall? Will we need to rent a scissor lift or boom? These are all factors that slow down the process and will lead to a more expensive project.

Hannas Murals Pricing - Location

Where will the mural be painted? If the job site is located outside of San Diego county, then additional travel fees will be calculated.

All projects have a minimum of $1,000.


Our clients say

"This is the 1st time we used Hanna's Murals. She is very dedicated and creative. Her work is one of the best we seen. I have already talked to her about doing additional hotels for us!!! If you need excellent work Hanna's Murals is the vendor for you."
Kabir Bhagat
President, Kamla Hotels Inc.
"Hanna is a lovely and talented artist that has donated her time and talent to our non-profit to brighten the world of children with special needs. I am amazed by her portfolio of work, her professionalism and how she can turn a blank wall into an amazing canvas of art! She is a dream to work with and we would recommend her highly! She can turn a mundane room into something extraordinary with her paintbrush!"
Hannas Murals Testimonial Rachel
Rachel Ackerly
Cecily's Closet
"Hanna is great! She worked very well with our builder's tight deadlines to get two wonderful murals painted in our son's and daughter's bedrooms. Her attention to detail and her ability to work and re-work the murals to transform our fuzzy vision into a beautiful work of art was fantastic! Give her a call!"
John Shaull
Happy Client
"Johanna, you did a great job of painting the mural in our children's playroom. We love the underwater scene with fish, dolphins, whales, sea lions, starfish and it has airplanes and air balloons overhead and lots of other interesting and colorful details. You were so creative and made the room really unique, and a much more fun place for my kids to play in. Johanna you're a great artist, and have a lot of creative ideas."
Annie Fraser
Happy Client